Uric Acid and Three Ways to Alleviate Uric Acid Symptoms Naturally

Uric acid – this is the waste produced by the body out of purine chemical. When wastes are not fully eliminated through urination, these acids form crystals that settle in your joints. When this happens you will begin to feel the uric acid symptoms; you suffer the pains of gout.
Uric acid and how it is formed in the body
By nature, you have purines in the cells of your body. This is a necessary component in the process of breaking down the proteins in the foods that you ingest in order to sustain the body with energy and protein requirements. Your kidneys have the task of processing the uric acid, the waste after purine is processed, for flushing out of the body. The wastes are dispelled as urine. However, there are chances when your kidneys do not function perfectly or hundred percent. As a result, some of the wastes are left in the blood stream. These wastes crystalize and the uric acid crystals settle in the joints. The pain starts and gout recurs.
Now, are you interested in learning how to get rid of the uric acid crystals naturally? Yes you can eliminate the uric acid without drugs. Actually what you take for gout or uric acid symptoms are mere pain relievers and because the crystals are still present in the joints, the attacks of gout become recurring. This makes gout sufferers seek natural remedies.

Herbs to control uric acid symptoms

There are many herbs discovered to be effective in alleviating gout pains caused by uric acid symptoms. The herb nettle for instance has alkaloids that is effective in neutralization of uric acid. The herbs hawthorn and bilberry have anti-inflammatory properties. More common herbs to reduce the amount of uric acid in the body are parsley and alfalfa. Parsley has diuretic features that are helpful in flushing out the excess uric acid. Alfalfa on the other hand has minerals and nutrients that are effective neutralizer and reducer of uric acid in the human body.

Vitamin C to control uric acid symptoms

uric acid symptoms
There had been many studies that disclosed the power of Vitamin C in bringing down the level of uric acid in your blood. Fruits that are rich in this vitamin are best in alleviating the uric acid symptoms. Among the most popular fruits with this vitamin are oranges and mandarins. For vegetables, you can source your vitamin C from cabbage, bell peppers and potatoes. If you are suffering attacks of uric acid symptoms, you may take vitamin supplements. What you get from the fruits may not be enough so the supplements can do the trick.

Water to control uric acid symptoms

Water is a usual therapy for different ailments and it is also used to alleviate uric acid symptoms. When you get dehydrated, this aggravates the pains of gout and this also promotes crystal formation in the joints. So – water prevents crystallization of the uric acid and it also helps stimulate urination for the flushing out of purine wastes or uric acid. Drink 12 glasses of water on a daily basis, possibly distributed throughout the day.
Excess purine waste crystals when retained in your bloodstream will result to uric acid symptoms. The overage in the level of uric acid in the joints, tendons and tissues cause unbearable pain. This can be recurring and the danger of repeated attacks is kidney failure. There are drugs prescribed by doctors for the relief of the pain. But some users found the home remedies to be beneficial when used with the drug-based treatment for uric acid symptoms.

Alarming Uric Acid Symptoms – Preventive and Curative Ways

Are you experiencing pain in your joints? That may not be simple arthritis. What you might be suffering is an attack of gout. You could have too much purine in your body such that the uric acid symptoms are alive and attacking.
When you are having excessive uric acid in your blood, you can expect a gout attack to be very imminent. The uric acid symptoms may not be very evident until you feel the pains of gout. With this condition, uric acid crystallizes and settles in your joints thus initiating pain. The pain could be very excruciating. You may need to undergo urine and blood tests to confirm that the level of uric acid in your blood had gone over the tolerable level. This means that there is too much purine wastes in your system.
This is a chemical that is found in the body and also in certain kinds of foods. Uric acid is produced by the human system as a waste when it breaks down purine. This waste should be eliminated in the urine but it has to pass first through the kidney in order to be filtered. There are instances when the kidneys are unable to eliminate the produced uric acid such that it settles in your blood system. This is known as hyperuricemia, a condition that does not only show high uric acid symptoms and gout but could be harmful to your kidneys.

Recognizing the different uric acid symptoms

Have I made you aware of the consequences of high level of uric acid in the blood? Here are more uric acid symptoms to serve as your guideline. Of course this is aside from the pain of gout. The affected area is reddish, hot and swollen. It is inflamed such that it is too painful. The most common gout attacks show the uric acid symptoms on the big toe. But believe also that the pain could be felt almost everywhere in your body – knees, elbows, fingers and almost anywhere there is a joint for the purine waste to settle.

Drug-based cures for uric acid symptoms

uric acid symptoms
The pain of gout or uric acid symptoms could hardly be bearable and you will crave for medication that can relieve the pain. You can purchase pain reliever drugs which may give you instant relief. However, there are drugs that have adverse effects like headache, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, bleeding, and stomach ulcer. And the unpleasant thing with these pharmacy-bought medications is that their effect can easily mellow. They are only effective while you take them. Once the effectiveness is off, you have to look for other uric acid symptoms killers.
The commonly used drug-based medication is the NSAID or the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Ibuprofen is one of them. This helps in reducing inflammation thus relieving the patient of the pain.

Home remedies for uric acid symptoms

Because the medicines for gout or high uric acid symptoms are not long lasting, many people with this affliction search for alternatives. What they have in mind is the efficacy of the herbal treatments or home-made remedies. A fight against gout from the confines of your homes is possible. There are specific fruits like cherry and vegetables such as alfalfa sprouts that are great in removing the toxin and purine waste out of the body.
Because purine can also be sourced from a variety of foods, the role of diet in eliminating uric acid symptoms is very significant. The typical Western diet is usually high in uric acid because their types of foods are high in purine. The Westerners love red meat, poultry, shellfish, lentils, beans, peas – all of which are heavy with purine. Beer is also a big “NO” when you are suffering some uric acid symptoms.
The first manifestation of high uric acid symptoms is the attack of gout. The attack makes you feel the big pain in your joints. You may take pain relieving medications. But the most important thing to prevent the attack is to observe a low-purine diet.

Tips for those with Uric Acid Symptoms

If your kidney is not able to get rid of all the accumulated uric acid from your body then this is a source of concern since an excess of uric acid can lead to numerous conditions in your body. Most of these conditions are painful and can last days to subside.

Uric acid symptoms that point to bad health

Increased uric acid levels can lead to so many health problems, some of which can be life threatening.
Gall bladder disease, gout as well as kidney stones are all forms of uric acid symptoms that many individuals with excess uric acid in their system display.
Heart conditions such as heart attack and clogged arteries can also be caused by excess uric acid. Studies have shown a link between uric acid levels and heart disease. Therefore, many people who are not susceptible to heart disease genetically may still get affected because of the uric acid level in their body.
Another danger of uric acid is that people can also be affected with diabetes mellitus. This is another health risk that results from the body’s inability to properly dispose of uric acid through urine.
Both men and women over the age of forty are at a risk of being affected with any of the medical conditions above if they do not take steps to get rid of extra uric acid in their bodies.
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How to control uric acid symptoms

Through many steps, uric acid symptoms can be effectively controlled. If you are obese then you should try to lose extra body fat in order to reach a healthy body mass according to your height. This is because those who are over-weight have a heavy tendency of increased uric acid production in their bodies.
Also those whose diet contains a larger amount of purines that can be found in meat, seafood, alcohol etc. are also recommended to cut down on these foods and look for healthy alternatives instead.
Regular exercise and an active lifestyle helps the kidneys, heart and other organs to function well thus decreasing the rate at which uric acid is stored. Therefore, a safe and practical fitness routine must be adopted by people of all ages in order to ward of serious medical problems.
Frequent visits to the hospital can help doctors to keep an eye on the health and progress of those who are suspected of having high amounts of uric acid in their body. This is because doctors can help patients to make important lifestyle changes that can help them become healthier and stronger. Therefore, any kind d of pain to any part of the body must be promptly reported to a doctor for quick diagnosis.

Treatment of uric acid symptoms in patients

If you have been diagnosed with high amounts of uric acid in your system, then you must try to get treated as soon as possible. This is because any delay in treatment can lead to serious health problems that can interfere with a person’s routine.

Uric Acid Symptoms in Adults

Uric acid is a by-product that is produced when the body digests foods especially ones that are rich in protein, saturated fat etc. The kidneys are responsible for getting rid of uric acid in the body through excretion. However, if the uric acid becomes too much for the kidneys to handle or if the kidneys do not perform well then adults might experience uric acid symptoms.
This is because excess uric acid turns into crystals that tend to sit in the joints and muscles. These areas then get affected by a condition known in the medical world as gout. However, some people do not develop crystals even if the uric acid in the body reaches high levels.

Common uric acid symptoms

Uric acid symptoms in adults may vary. Some people might experience pain especially in their big toe. This pain starts in the middle of the night because of the lower temperature at that time. There might be swelling as well as tenderness in other areas such as the knees, wrists, fingers and heels. These places are all possible areas that can get affected by gout.
If gout becomes chronic, then the uric acid symptoms might not be very prominent. Another symptom is that the skin of the affected turns into a purplish or deep red color. Other people might develop kidney stones as a result of excess uric acid.
uric acid symptoms

Causes of uric acid symptoms

The causes of uric acid symptoms in adults are many. Therefore a lot of adults are likely to develop this condition during their lifetime.
A diet that is rich in protein, saturated fat and sugar is one of the factors responsible for increased uric acid levels. This is because these foods trigger the production of uric acid. When the kidneys are not able to eliminate all the excess uric acid, then the body starts to store it in joints and muscles.
Obese adults as well as those who have a sedentary lifestyle are also at risk of gout. Their excess fat helps the storage of uric acid in the body. Also because of their weight, their kidneys are not able to work well. Those who do not also exercise are at an increased risk of other diseases in addition to gout.
People with a family history of obesity and gout are also at a risk. This is because genetics is also a factor that an individual should consider.

Treatment of uric acid symptoms

Doctors usually prescribe medicines that will lessen the pain and swelling in order to help patents. Other medications that will provide long term treatment are also given by doctors. This is to make sure that further joints and muscles do not get affected. The kidneys may also undergo some tests in order to help doctors analyse how best to help patients’ kidneys perform well. This is because if kidneys are not functioning well, then excess uric acid can easily get stored up in the body.
Other medical conditions can affect a person with gout since the other organs can be damaged easily due to the uric acid crystals.

Uric Acid Symptoms in Women

Uric acid symptoms in women are not as common as they are in men. However, this does not mean that women do not suffer from gout. Gout is a condition in which there is an excess production of uric acid in the body or when the kidneys are not able to effectively eliminate uric acid through urine. This uric acid then gets stored up in the joints of the body and crystallizes. This can cause significant pain to the person affected.

Common uric acid symptoms in women

When uric acid crystals get deposited in the joints or the tissues that surround joints, there might be pain accompanied by a warm sensation as well as swelling and tenderness. The areas affected are painful when touched. The skin colour may also change to purple or deep red.
In certain cases, where the gout becomes chronic, there might not be as much pain and the common uric acid symptoms might not be as prevalent. Kidney stones can also be present in patients of gout.

Causes of uric acid symptoms in women

Uric acid symptoms in women can occur due to many reasons. Diet is a major factor that can increase uric acid production and cause gout in women during their menopausal years. Foods that are high in protein content such as meat, seafood, and poultry have been shown to increase uric acid production.
Alcohol and other beverages such as tea and coffee also play a part in gout. High levels of fat and sugar in a person’s diet have also been linked to uric acid symptoms in menopausal women.
Genetics and obesity is another cause of gout. People whose family had uric acid symptoms are at risk of being affected by this condition too.
A sedentary lifestyle is another cause of gout. This is because people who do not live active lifestyles do not have organs that function well. Therefore, their kidneys are not able to get rid of uric acid as effectively as they should, hence the build-up of this chemical takes place over time.
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Treatment of uric acid symptoms in women

When uric acid symptoms begin, swift treatment must be started. This is because this condition can cause considerable pain. Many people are rendered useless during attacks of gout. Even if only one part such as the big toe, knee or wrist is affected, it can still take a few days for the pain to subsidize. Therefore a visit to a doctor is necessary.
For pain relief and also to reduce swelling, there are a few medications that a doctor can prescribe. However, let him know of your medical history so that he only gives medicines that are safe for your body.
There are also many medicines that have been developed specifically for gout. You doctor might prescribe this in addition to the pain and swelling medicines if necessary.
Injections might also be used in the affected area such as the muscle or joint. These can also provide relief and help with quick recovery.

Uric Acid Symptoms in Men

Uric Acid symptoms point to a form of arthritis known as gout. Many people suffer from this condition every year. If not treated early, uric acid symptoms can further lead to chronic gout.

Causes of uric acid symptoms in men

Uric acid is formed when food rich in protein is broken down in the body. Uric acid symptoms develop when they kidneys are not able to eliminate the uric acid present completely through urine. This uric acid crystallizes and gets stored up in the joints and that is how gout is formed in men. Therefore, the failure of the body to get rid of excess uric acid is a major cause of gout.
Another factor that can cause gout is diet since some foods trigger the production of uric acid in large amounts. Examples of foods that can lead to excess uric acid in the body are: meat, seafood and other protein rich foods. Foods rich in sugar and saturated fat can also increase the production of uric acid.
Drinks such as coffee, tea, cocoa and alcohol can also prompt uric acid symptoms since these foods tend to dehydrate the body and loss of water helps the uric acid to crystalize.
These foods should therefore be taken in moderation in order to prevent the gout from flaring up and causing pain. People who do not alter their diet and sedentary lifestyle are at a greater risk of suffering from gout.
Genetics also play a large part in the development of uric acid symptoms in some people. Therefore, this factor should also be kept in mind by people whose family has a history of gout
uric acid symptoms

Common uric acid symptoms in men

Gout affects more men than women. This means that most uric acid symptoms develop in men especially those over the age of forty.
The most common symptoms consist of pain and swelling. Mostly pain in the big toe as well as other parts of the body such as knees, elbows, heels and wrists have been noted in gout patients as well as swelling that is painful to the touch. The area affected also feels hot. This is because the uric acid crystals have been lodged and because of their hardness, they cause a lot of pain.

Treatment of uric acid symptoms in men

Any sudden severe pain in any of the joints must be promptly attended to by a doctor in order to have a correct diagnosis. This is because delayed treatment not only causes a lot of discomfort as well as interferes with daily activities but it can also affect the heart and other organs of the body.
Doctors will prescribe NSAIDsfor the pain and swelling as well as any other medication that will help the body to get rid of the uric acid efficiently.
During the treatment of gout or in order to prevent uric acid from building up, men must make dietary changes in order to cut down on foods that are considered harmful but on the other hand, they must increase their intake of water as well as vitamin c since these are very beneficial.